We have the future in our hands
AS FORS MW results and outcome for 2015 are strong and stable. After the transaction in 2014 where Mr Leif Fors bought back the outstanding part of the company from his partners, the situation changed when he passed away in April 2015 only 65 years old. FORS MW being one of his big life achievements is now under the control of Leif Fors Trust Fund with the aim to run and the develop the business in the same spirit as Leif Fors would have done. Without any comparison this was the biggest and most fundamental change in the company for several years. 
However, there is a team to take on after Leif Fors and we are now in the process to establish that and it will be an ongoing process as for any change that comes upon a company. These changes were expected but whatever preparations are done it is always a bit of a chock and turmoil that has to be passed.
Big tradeshows held and changes in the tractor distribution create opportunities
During 2015 AS FORS MW took part of SIMA in France, ELMIA in Sweden, AGRITECHNICA in Germany and several other national shows along with all the 
activities our dealers arranged. It was what we call a heavy exhibition year.
We also had a change on the Marketing post as our since long marketing manager, Ulrica Fors-Stenmarck decided to move on and left us at the end of the year. This was also a loss to the company as she has great knowledge and drive within her field of responsibility. New resources are now in place to take on this work and we feel momentum in this area again. Our market is changing, especially when it comes to the distribution channels and this is also a possibility for us to keep track of but it also requires a lot of market awareness in each level of our company.
Continued  focus to  keep  the development process creative
The ideas for product development are there and in process, on the same time the production apparatuses needs to be prepared for new products and changed production processes why this has been in focus starting from fall in 2015. These two things are strongly connected and will be something we work on for the coming two years.
Market requirements are things for us to focus on and we are now looking into the needs in 2018 when new European rules will influence our product requirements and this is on top off normal product developments and improvements.
Overall, business as usual but changes are here that requires new ways of working
2015 will go into the history books for many reasons, for us in AS FORS MW it has been necessary to focus on business as usual and many people has really committed to that which is a great achievement. New management also means changes in looking at matters at the same time looking at where we came from and bringing those good examples into a new era is what is expected to be the best mix for our future, and that future starts every day in AS FORS MW.
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