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We have the future in our hands

This text is in English since being from the Annual Report of 2014. New text shortly.


Looking back at 2014 several things finally came into place after being in a long time period of processing. Some of our key development projects were finalized and introduced, a new strategy for our future staffing program was developed, we found good new ways of monitoring and improving our internal calculations processes but maybe most importantly for 2014 was something that per se was not company internal related but rather owner related.


The decision from Mr. Leif Fors to continue to strive for new businesses and territories and by that committing to take the AS FORS MW group into a 100% family possession was truly a milestone in the company’s history. After having the support from four other owners for more than 15 years, Mr. Leif Fors bravely took the decision that he wanted to get the company back into family hands again which was achieved in September 2014.


From that day also a lot of new strategies have been formed but also visions. Visions about where we are heading. Often it is said that uncertainty is one of the biggest enemies to grow business and with the deal made in September a lot of uncertainty from a future perspective was cleared. From this moment we now know what is expected from us and we truly have our own future in our hands. It is a new and exciting era that opens up for FORS MW as several times before in the past.


The numbers for 2014 are good, we have a stable market position. As all companies, we still face challenges internally and externally; finding skilled and motivated colleagues, keeping the cost in balance, opening new markets, improving customer experience, under promising and over delivering and so on. The outside world is turbulent from time to time and the further out we reach, the more we learn how to cope with the local conditions and requirements. The good thing is that we by ourselves can identify these areas of improvement and address these challenges. The new management team that is taking shape after September will be set during 2015 with some key questions to deal with.


Knowing what to do is the first step on our way, now it is more of a matter to get it done and it is my strong belief that we are better prepared for that than ever before as it all comes down to people and we have a great team that will tackle this in the coming years.


Peter Kastberg CEO

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