General daily machine checks
  • If it is a brand new product, perform the daily start-up routine and make sure you got an introduction from your dealer.
  • Add fresh grease to all grease nipples around your machine.
  • Check that pins, axles, shafts are locked and in working order.
  • Look for oil leaks from hoses, couplings, cylinders or valves and repair them before use.
  • Check lights and their functionality.
General monthly machine checks
  • Check the oil levels in turnhouse and tank if applicable.
  • Check that bolts and nuts are securely tightened.
  • Check the wheel nuts and adjust air pressure in the tires
  • If the trailer is equipped with brakes, test that they apply when breaking.
  • Confirm that hydraulic functions are stopping when function is released and stay in their position when then function is in neutral.
  • Run all hydraulic functions to their endpoint to oil the cylinders stroke length.
  • Wash the machine and inspect it afterwards. Make sure to grease functions after washing.
  • If the machine is not planned for use the coming month, grease or spray cylinder piston with oil that are exposed for rain and humidity.
General yearly machine checks
  • Change oil in the turnhouse and gear house when applicable
  • Perform a thorough check of bushings, glide plastics, shafts, draw eyelets and other wear parts. Replace when required.
  • Look for damages on steel structures, welding seams and rims.
  • Clean valves and other parts that have collected dirt, mud or grease that prevent from easy visual inspection.
  • Inspect the brakes pads if applicable.
  • Inspect grapple link, dampers, and 4WD gas springs to assure proper functionality.
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