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BIGAB Container with combi doors 700233/700233-1/700240/700243

Container with kombi doors where the back door can be used as an ordinary spreader but where one also is able to sway the door to the side when using the bridge to load an excavator for example. This is the perfect bridge for the entrepreneur who needs a price worthy Combination Bridge that on one hand can load plenty and on the other hand be used to transport different types of machinery. The sides are straight against the bottom to make it easy to load an excavator.

Art. no:
700233 4150x2300x500 B=6; S=4
700233-1 4150x2300x700 B=6; S=4
700240 5500x2500x700, B=6; S=4
700243 6000x2550x1000, B=6; S=4

Technical data regarding containers can be found in the attached brochure.

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