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Take responsibility

The Fors MW values, ​​together with our employees and our way of working, ensure that we are always innovative and efficient, while we do business in a responsible and sustainable way.




Responsible product development

In our product development work, safety is an integral part. Fors MW works continuously to improve the range of our products. This means that our development team always focuses on sustainable, efficient transport solutions for lower fuel consumption.


As a manufacturer of transport solutions, our products play an important role in the daily lives of users. They must contribute to a safe working environment. They must work in favour of lower fuel consumption.

Responsible leadership

Fors MW respects laws, rules and human rights, and stands for a high level of business ethics. Fors MW encourages responsible purchasing to improve the social, environmental and business ethics of the supply chain.


In our manufacturing process, raw materials and components are produced using energy. Fors MW is constantly working to further improve energy efficiency and reduce our emissions in all aspects of our business.


It is also about giving back to society. Fors MW has a strong tradition of giving back to the communities in which we operate. We do this through various projects. The projects change character with the development in the country we are working in.