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BIGAB aftermarket and support

For us it is important that our customers are satisfied with the products and the after sales service. All our team of technicians are fully trained and kept up-to-date on the newest products and maintenance solutions. Service and maintenance must be carried out regularly in order to guarantee problem-free and economical use. We recommend to check the following notes and maintence information from Instruction book.




General daily machine checks

These are points that you should check every day when starting up your machinery:

  • If it is a brand new product, perform the daily start-up routine and make sure you got an introduction from your dealer.
  • Add fresh grease to all grease nipples around your machine.
  • Check that pins, axles, shafts are locked and in working order.
  • Visually look around your machine for damages that can be critical for operating safety. Repair them before use.
  • Look for oil leaks from hoses, couplings, cylinders or valves and repair them before use.
  • Check lights and their functionality.

General monthly machine checks

  • Check the oil levels in turn house and tank if applicable.
  • Check that bolts and nuts are securely tightened.
  • Check the wheel nuts and adjust air pressure in the tires
  • If the trailer is equipped with brakes, test that they apply when breaking.
  • Confirm that hydraulic functions are stopping when function is released and stay in their position when then function is in neutral.
  • Run all hydraulic functions to their endpoint to oil the cylinders stroke length.
  • Wash the machine and inspect it afterwards. Make sure to grease functions after washing.
  • If the machine is not planned for use the coming month, grease or spray cylinder piston with oil that are exposed for rain and humidity.


General yearly machine checks

  • Change oil in the turnhouse and gear house when applicable
  • Perform a thorough check of bushings, glide plastics, shafts, draw eyelets and other wear parts. Replace when required.
  • Look for damages on steel structures, welding seems and rims.
  • Clean valves and other parts that have collected dirt, mud or grease that prevent from easy visual inspection.
  • Inspect the brakes pads if applicable.
  • Inspect grapple link, dampers, and 4WD gas springs to assure proper functionality.

Operating these products requires know-how about the machine and how to operate it. It is important for you to acquire this knowledge and to train with regard to the equipments behaviour.

Do you need to order spare parts?

Our spare parts warehouse has an extensive stock of spare parts for immediate delivery. All spare parts are ordered and sold through your dealer. Our ambition is to send out the spare part the same day it is ordered by your dealer.
1) Find the part number and name you are looking for from the spare part catalogue, which came with the product
2) We will deliver the spare part to your dealer as fast as possible

Do you need technical support?

Always read the instruction book and the information that came from your dealer. If you can´t find the instruction book, contact your local dealer If your dealer can´t help you, please take contact with our Technical support team and we will do our best to find a solution for you.

Our technicians can assist and advice you with the following:
• Technical support for machines
• Installation of the machine
• First time start-up advice
• Service and maintenance of our machines

For technical support please contact:


In case of complaints

If your equipment is not working according to your expectations, please first contact your dealer, all reclamations will be handled though your dealer. We, here in FORS MW, will try to find a comprehensive solution for you. Accurate, clear and full information helps quickly to settle the reclamation. Please always document your concern with pictures.