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The FARMA LF8 is a compact 8-wheel forwarder with good manoeuvrability in rough terrain and dense forests. The forwarder has a load index of 1:1 with a load capacity of 8.5 tons. With the LF8, you get an efficient thinning forwarder with high performance. The forwarder has an adaptable timber bed where you as a customer can choose between a standard timber bed (3.7 m) or a long one (4.3 m). FARMA LF8 has a width of only 2.2 meters equipped with 600 tires.

A low center of gravity and very good weight distribution contribute to the FARMA LF8 being stable and safe during crane work and when driving in difficult terrain, despite a high ground clearance. Through a unique transmission, where we optimize the speed of each wheel in the forest, damage to the ground and the environment is minimized. Always with 100% optimal power distribution.

The construction of the FARMA LF8 contributes to durability and is an easy and cost-effective machine to service which is made possible by few bearings, joints, and unique service parts. The LF8 is a powerful machine that gets the job done. The diesel engine from Caterpillar is a modern and reliable engine that fulfils all present emissions standards.

The machine has robust transmission, composed of proven components, for a unique solution where the speed of each wheel is regulated individually. The result, a machine that leaves a minimum of ground damage behind.  

The choice of cranes comes from our own FARMA range. For the LF8, we offer cranes from 6.7 up to 8.5 meters.

For more details and information about all the unique features of the FARMA LF8, download the brochure on the tab to the right.

Sales start:

  • Sweden, 2024
  • Great Britain, January 2025
  • Germany/Estonia, 2025
  • Further countries will be decided upon market interest.
Typical weight: From 8 500 kg
Length: 8.43 m (standard), 9.03 m (long)
Width: 2.22 m (500/600 tires), 2.42 m (700 tires)
Transportation height: 3,2 m
Gross load: 8 500 kg
Railing area: 2,6 m2
Load area lenght: 3.7 m (standard), 4.3 m (long)
Transmission type: 8WD Hydrostat
Control system: Parker IQAN
Crane reach: 6,7 / 7,2 / 8,5 – C8.0 X-CEL

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