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FARMA T8 100035

FARMA T8 is a robust lumber trailer with support legs well protected in front of the railing in uplifted position. The trailer is equipped with hydraulic flapdown support legs and 3 banks in the standard version. A lumber trailer model that suits many of our active forest owners. The illustration shows the old version of T8. The trailer has now been equipped with the same reinforced crane platform as T6. FARMA T8 can therefore be equipped with cranes up to C 6.3.

Note! FARMA has changed the color of our trailers to an olive-green colour. You will find that color on the majority of trailers and FARMA accessories on the website. However, there may still be pictures of accessories and the trailer in the old colour.

The trailer pictured is extra equipped with extension posts. The trailer might contain other accessories that are not included as standard.

Loading area (m2) 1,95
Ground clearance (mm) 520
Wheel dimension in standard 400/60-15,5
Gross weight (Kg) 8000
Weight basic trailer (Kg) 1 310
Steering angle with frame steering 40

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